Location + Policies


I work at Futurelazertiger in Ferndale, Michigan. It is an appointment only, private studio. The address is 23446 Woodward Avenue. We do not have a phone and do not take walk-ins (unless we are having an event stating so). Most of the time our door is locked except for when we are expecting appointments - ring the doorbell to see if we are home! Please don’t take offense, we are just trying to give as much attention to our clients as we are able while working on them.

There is free parking in front of the shop and down Drayton, though you should mind the two hour limit spaces directly when you turn on Drayton. Park wherever you’re able! Ferndale is a great city with tons of great food and shopping - I’m always happy to recommend other places to check out if you’re visiting the area for the first time!


deposit policy

A cash or Paypal deposit of $100-$200 is required to book all appointments once a date has been determined. You will be given a 3 day window within which you can leave the deposit. These deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Your deposit will come off the total price at the end of your tattoo. The remainder can be paid at the time of completion in cash or by Paypal, though cash is preferred. For multi-session projects, the deposit will come off the final session of the piece.

I do not send designs ahead of your appointment. You will see it when you come in! Minor changes can be made at that time, if necessary. Major changes may require a reschedule and new deposit. Please be concise when describing what you want to begin with. You picked me for a reason, have faith in my creative process!

I have a 20 minute grace period that I will wait for a client - if you are going to be late, please send me an email. If you are later than 20 minutes without notice that counts as a no-call/no-show and you forfeit your deposit and appointment.

If you need to reschedule I must be given a minimum of 72 hours notice by email. I will contact you in my next booking period to reschedule and if you do not follow up I will consider your deposit forfeit. I will allow one reschedule within six months. Multiple reschedules may end our working relationship, please only book appointments when you can commit to them.

If you show up with damaged skin (notably sunburn but also open/healing wounds in the area) or sick, I will reschedule you on the spot. Be responsible in the sun and respectful of my health as well, please! If you show up under the influence, I reserve the right to cancel our appointment and keep your deposit.

If you choose not to get tattooed or don’t show up for your appointment your deposit will be used to cover wasted time. I do not get paid an hourly wage nor do I make money for the hours I spend drawing designs which is why deposits are 100% non-refundable. If a client loses a deposit it does not mean that they own the drawing I’ve done for their tattoo. The deposit covers lost earnings, not drawing time.

Touch ups are not always free. If your tattoo was neglected during healing, I can tell and will charge accordingly. If you need a touch up, you must tell me within 60 days of tattoo completion. Touch ups on others work will be charged my regular hourly rates.



Booking Method

I book in three month blocks, four times a year. For example, April-June will be booked in March. There will be booking periods where I will not be taking new clients while I catch up with current projects. Ongoing works get first dibs before I open my schedule and as I'm able, I book current clients and THEN take on new clients. The best way to stay updated about all of this info is by subscribing to my newsletter.

Due to the volume of emails I receive, I cannot get everyone in that reaches out to me. I am choosing ideas based on what I feel fits the styles I like to work in and creative control or those that choose my pre-drawn designs. I will be taking on less coverups.

I will keep a small waiting list for those I can’t get in during a booking period. That list will only be added to when submissions are open. I will announce in my newsletter when I can take on new projects! 

I wish I could tattoo all of you!!! But that just isn't realistic for my schedule or sanity. It generally takes me a few weeks to get through all of the emails when booking and I try to follow up with everyone whether or not I can get them in. Please don't send "checking in" emails, they muck up my system and can alter your place in line. I very much appreciate your support and patience!!

For travel dates - I usually book the month before I’m headed somewhere. I will post about it on Instagram and you can send me an email with your city in the subject line. Please follow up with all of the information requested to be considered.